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These days, users are more attracted to videos as compared to text. By creating attractive and appealing videos, brands can now explain their USPs in a more effective and easy-to-understand manner than via other mediums. Earlier, the creation of any branding or marketing videos involves a huge sum of money and labor, but the availability of free video making tools online has made the process a lot easier now. Any brand can now create impactful videos easily using video marketing tools such as Video Scribe, Lumens 5 and others.

Explore the list of video marketing tools; they are simple, easy-to-use and effective.

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Keyword Tool io

  • Huge list of Long-tail Keyword Suggestions
  • Keywords in other Languages
  • Support all Google Domains
  • Suggestions from Real User Queries
SEO Tools


  • Simple Slide-based Interface
  • Access to Millions of Visuals & Assets
  • Custom Branding
  • Summarize Content with Relevant Video & Photos Automatically
SEO Tools


  • High-quality Whiteboard Animation
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Access to Image and Music Library
  • Record Voice-overs
  • Work Offline
SEO Tools


  • Instant Video Share with a Simple Link
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Notifications about Video Views
SEO Tools


  • Record Screen and Webcam
  • Music and Audio
  • Titles, Annotations, and Callouts
  • Record and Import Presentations
  • Transitions