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What Is DigiNekt?

DigiNekt is not a product or simply a website. It’s a concept, a solution, a meeting place with an objective to bring together marketing managers, digital marketing teams, freelancers, and management and analysis tools on an integrated platform. It’s a thought process to do away with the piecemeal approach in digital marketing and the tacky integration of different teams, tools and platforms.

The objective of DigiNekt is to seamlessly integrate all requirements of digital marketing as a profession and as marketing need. The vision is huge and we are confident of success because we know the market closely and are aware of the issues. Digital marketing has many channels and platforms. It requires expertise at each level. Through this platform, we hope that the talent will meet the requirement.

As a starting point, we have launched a job board exclusively for digital marketers.

Why A Separate Digital Marketing Job Board?

The digital marketing industry operates in a unique manner. A marketing manager can hire specialized teams for video marketing, organic search and content creation. These teams can be virtual, in-house or a combination of both. The nature of jobs can be contractual, one time or even temporary.

Most job boards do not have the functionality to search in that way. The fact is that search can start only if they have information. We encourage candidates and jobseekers to put in a lot of information about their skills and the details.

Very specific skills are required for short periods. Outsourcing and freelance hiring bring down the cost without any compromise on quality.

This job board will enable candidates to list their niche skills and employers to search by their skills, the exact requirements. And these skills are organic, we will continue to add and edit based on trends.

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